The Board in our Academy delegates many powers to the local Federated Governing Body.

Local governors

Individuals who sit on local Federated Governing Bodies (FGBs) are referred to as ‘local governors’. This is because directors/trustees of the Board can delegate governance functions to the local level. Directors have complete discretion over what is delegated to each FGB. They may, for example, decide to delegate all functions to academies in the chain that are performing well and only a few to those academies that need greater support.

The details of what has been delegated from the trustees to local governors is recorded in a scheme of delegation for each FGB. This makes it clear what functions the Board has delegated to the FGB.

Please click here to view the Schemes of Delegation for the Federated Governing Body of Laurel Lane and St Martin’s September 2017

Please click here to view The Schemes of Delegation for the Federated Governing Body for Cowley St Laurence and St Matthew’s September 2017

Each local Federated Governing Body sets up committees to cover issues relating to:

  • school improvement
  • pupil support
  • finance and resources

In order to achieve consistency across the Academy, representatives from each FGB take issues of strategic importance to the Strategic Action and Resources Group (SARG). The composition of this group is defined in the Terms of Reference agreed by the board. Recommendations and decisions of the SARG group will be brought to the Board as agreed in the Terms of Reference. In this way, the flow of information and decision making is clear and enables all in governance of the Academy to be fully involved.

Structure of Governance for Laurel Lane and St Martins

Structure of Governance for Cowley St Laurence and St Matthews


It is important to note that local governors are not trustees of the academy trust, unless they also sit on the academy trust board. Everyone involved in the MAT governance arrangements should ensure that they understand what their role is. This is made clear in our schemes of delegation.

It also should be noted, however, that even where trustees have delegated functions to local governors, the trustees remain accountable and responsible for these functions. Trustees should, therefore, be satisfied about the FGB’s ability to adequately perform any functions delegated to them.