The Trust's Vision


  • The Trust will enable all pupils to achieve and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for Secondary Education and beyond.
  • The Trust will inspire excellence through high quality leadership, good and outstanding teaching as well as a highly creative curriculum.
  • The learning culture within each Trust school will inspire children to succeed academically and encourage pupils to aspire to reach their full potential.

At the foundation of our vision is a commitment to providing the highest quality, individualised, professional development for staff. The Academy Trust will invoke high quality leaders of learning in order to provide an enriched curriculum for our pupils of today and tomorrow.

Within each school in the Trust there are specific values, which are reviewed annually.

The overall values of the trust are:

  • Equality to ensure that all pupils receive an outstanding education
  • Openness to be willing to adapt and change to respond to the needs of the school community
  • Honesty to critically evaluate leadership and teaching to ensure that the best possible provision can be developed in the Trust schools
  • Responsibility and accountability to ensure that leaders have high aspirations for all pupils in our Trust schools
  • Challenge to test our educational thinking to understand that there are always routes to improving provision within our schools
  • Partnership and support to enable all our schools to work jointly together, to critically analyse our work and support School Improvement

Our Academy Trust will support learners to reach and exceed expected standards of attainment and will be a leader of educational change in the wider community.

Our learners will:

  • achieve high expectations
  • understand and celebrate the diversity of their community
  • develop resilience and a love of learning
  • take an important role in being a positive impact on their community.
  • dedicate themselves to achieving the best outcomes for all learners
  • have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and be accountable for their impact
  • develop their skills and knowledge in pursuit of the highest standards
  • work together to develop outstanding practice be committed to lifelong learning
  • deploy their resources to secure best value and high outcomes for pupils
  • adopt robust ways of tracking the progress of pupils
  • support and challenge their teams to achieve sustained and sustainable improvement.
  • be highly effective leaders of teaching and learning
  • set high expectations for teaching and learning and expect all pupils and staff to achieve challenging targets
  • have an inspiring curriculum
  • deliver teaching and learning that is consistently good and outstanding
  • raise levels of attainment and aspiration for all, which is above the national expectations
  • be a supportive and create a caring environment for staff, learners and their families
  • have an inclusive, high quality learning environment
  • maintain safe environments where adults are dedicated to protecting the rights of pupils to a high quality education and life chances

More information for the vision of the Trust can be found by clicking here. Each year, the Trust approves a strategic plan to help us achieve to make progress towards the vision. The strategic plan for 2017-18 can be found by clicking here.