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Local Governance - Laurel Lane Primary and St Martins CE Primary Schools

In accordance with the Federated Scheme of Delegation the Federated Governing Body (FGB) consists of:

  • five governors (not staff) appointed by the Board of Directors;
  • one staff governor for each school;
  • one parent governor for each school;
  • Vicar of St Martin's Church (ex-Officio).

The number of people who shall sit on the Local Governing Body shall be not less than six and not more than 11.

Governors serve a 4-year term of office. 

Headteachers attend all meetings. 


Chair of Governors: Aruna Verma

  • Stuart Askew, Governor, appointed 12/07/2023 
  • Revd Rosy Barrie, Governor (ex-officio – Parish Priest, St Martin's Church)
  • Marvin Salteras, Governor, appointed 12/07/2023 
  • Tamanna Sharma, elected parent Governor (St Martin’s), 30/06/2021
  • Zara Stone, staff Governor (St Martin's), 01/03/2024
  • Cllr Jan Sweeting, Governor, re-appointed 09/02/2022
  • Aruna Verma, Chair of Governors, appointed 09/01/2024 

In attendance: 

Johann Coates, Headteacher (St Martin's)

Sandra Voisey, Headteacher (Laurel Lane)

Resigned in last 12 months:

  • Sandra Prail, appointed 14/12/2022 (resigned 31/12/2023) 
  • Courtney Baxter, elected staff Governor (St Martin’s), appointed 26/05/2021 (resigned 31/01/2024)
  • Kevin Ogilvie, Governor, appointed 23/01/2020 (resigned 22/01/2024)
  • Emily Leake, Parent Governor (Laural Lane), elected 16/06/2022 (resigned 01/04/2024)
  • Edward Decross-Gonzaleas, elected staff Governor (Laurel Lane), 01/09/2022 (resigned 08/05/2024)

Register of Interests

Information below details relevant business and pecuniary interests, trusteeships and governorships at other educational establishments/charities, personal relationships with the trust employees or other members/trustees/governors. 

Current governors

Name, date declared, declarations

  • Stuart Askew, 19/09/2023, None 
  • Revd Rosy Barrie, 20/09/2023 None 
  • Marvin Salteras, 09/11/2023, None 
  • Tamanna Sharma, 03/10/2023, None 
  • Zara Stone, 07/02/2024, None
  • Jan Sweeting, 11/10/2023, Elected Councillor for West Drayton, London Borough of Hillingdon (May 2014 onwards)
  • Aruna Verma, 14/12/2023, None 

Resigned in the last 12 months:

Name (resignation date), date declared, declarations

  • Sandra Prail, (31/12/2023), 19/09/2023, Sandra Prail Ltd – owner, Management Consultancy; Chair of South Hampshire College Group, August 2023 onwards 
  • Courtney Baxter, (31/01/2024), 07/11/2023, None
  • Kevin Ogilvie, (22/01/2024), 19/09/2023, None
  • Emily Leake, (01/04/2024) 19/09/2023, None 
  • Edward Decross-Gonzaleas, (08/05/2024), 14/12/2023, None

Meeting attendance - academic year 2022-23


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