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How We Support Our Schools

Our Approach in working with schools

Our mission goes beyond simply supporting our schools. We actively partner with them to elevate and safeguard educational excellence.

To achieve this, we've developed the Frays School Improvement Strategy. This framework provides a structured year-long approach to continuous improvement. Through internal and external assessments, we guarantee high-quality education across all schools while ensuring adherence to key compliance standards.

By closely monitoring progress and providing tailored support, we empower each school in its journey toward academic excellence. This ensures all our students can thrive within a learning environment that fosters enjoyment and success.

We use our values of HOPE (Honesty, Opportunity, Positivity, Equality) to drive improvement and change to secure best possible provision. Our core support is made up of the following:

  1. Termly School Improvement Meetings
  2. Teaching and Learning Review in the Autumn Term with a follow up visit in the Summer Term
  3. Safeguarding and Early Years Compliance Review in the Spring Term
  4. SEND Review every two years

In addition, to the above:

  1. Termly meetings for SENDCos and Inclusion Managers
  2. Half term meetings for all Designated Safeguarding Leads
  3. At least termly meetings for staff in Early Years
  4. Half termly meetings for Headteachers

We provide central training for the following group of leaders:

  1. Early Years staff
  2. SENDCOs
  3. Headteachers
  4. Deputy Headteachers
  5. Aspiring leaders
  6. Subject leaders (according to the priority in the Trust’s Strategic Plan)
  7. Early Years staff

All leaders have access to the NPQs and we use skills and expertise to provide school to school support across Frays.

At the end of each term, the central team will provide schools a data report which helps leaders identify success and next steps. These reports helps local governing bodies understand how well children are learning and the difference that school improvement is making.

Frays Academy Trust

Frays Academy Trust

LDBS Frays Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by
guarantee and registered in England and Wales with company
number 0833507

Registered Office:
c/o Cowley St Laurence CE Primary School
Worcester Road, Cowley, Middlesex, UB8 3TH